A mother of two from Rhode Island has filed a complaint with the New York State Human Rights Commission, alleging that her former boss hired her so that she would donate her kidney.

"I knew that she needed it," 47-year-old Debbie Stevens told CNN. "I knew that she could have a better life."

Stevens had left the Atlantic Automotive Group in 2010 and moved to Florida, according to Reuters. While returning to the area to visit, she met with her former boss Jackie Brucia, who informed her that she needed a kidney transplant. During the encounter, Stevens offered to donate her kidney.

Months later, Stevens moved back to Long Island. That is when, according to Stevens, Brucia rehired her and began "grooming her to be her 'backup plan.'"

When her organ donor fell through, Brucia asked Stevens to donate her kidney. Although Stevens' kidney was not the best match for Brucia, she still donated her kidney to someone else, allowing Brucia to move up on the donor list.

Stevens claims that after the transplant, Brucia "turned demonic" and treated her badly. She was later fired after an attorney contacted the company on her behalf.

"My surgery was August 10 of 2011," Stevens explained, "and I was no longer working by April 11 of 2012."

Watch video, courtesy of CNN, below: