Newt Gingrich is broke, y'all.  But you know what he's not?  A dumb black president that needs to use teleprompters to give speeches because he can't read, MIRITE?!

Struggling Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich on Wednesday joked that he couldn’t even buy a teleprompter after his campaign recently bounced a $500 check.

Utah Elections Director Mark Thomas told The Salt Lake Tribune that Gingrich gave the state a $500 check in March to cover election filing fees, but the check bounced and the campaign refused to return their calls.

At a campaign event with seniors in Newark, Delaware on Wednesday, a supporter mocked President Barack Obama by asking how the former House Speaker gave “such an eloquent speech” without the use of teleprompters.

“As the reporters who travel with me can tell you, I have a very frugal campaign,” Gingrich explained. “And we can’t afford teleprompters.”

“That’s why I’ve had to learn to actually give speeches on my own.”

You know who else "had to learn to actually give speeches" on his own?

This fucking guy:

Do you know how that conversation went down? Like this:

Oh and you know what else, Newton? President Obama doesn't whinge when debate audience members aren't allowed to act like a pack of wild hyenas. But you did. President Obama also doesn't cry, "Bias!' and threaten to skip debates that are moderated by reporters. But you did.

Pack it up, Newton. You're a failure. You were a failure when your unethical ass was forced out of Congress in 1999, and you're a failure now.

Here's a tissue.