Fast-thinking firefighters rescued 23 dogs from a burning house in Hopewell Township, New Jersey on Monday night, 18 of whom were puppies, some just days old, according to a report at

When fire crews arrived at the scene of the house fire Monday night, flames were leaping from the rear of the building, and the sound of yelping dogs was coming from the basement.

Firefighter Chris Laird of Lawrence Township's Lawrence Road Volunteer Fire Company told reporters that when his brigade reached the fire, units from Hopewell Township and Titusville, New Jersey were fighting the blaze, which was largely confined to one room of the small residence. His unit set about rescuing the dogs and setting up a makeshift veterinary triage for the animals on the house's front lawn.

Using special canine oxygen masks, fire personnel were able to save 23 dogs, 18 of whom were puppies, some just days old. The animal oxygen masks were donated to the fire department last year by the New Jersey Humane Society.

Of the animals in the house, one dog died, presumably of smoke inhalation. Investigators are currently trying to determine the cause of the blaze.

Watch video about this incident, embedded via the East Windsor Patch, below: