Rush Limbaugh is being disgusting again. Surprise!

Looks like the #StopRush efforts are getting to him. Not only has Limbaugh resumed his attacks against Sandra Fluke, but he's attacking Hillary Clinton, calling her "just the secretary" and someone who needs "Spankles" instead of Spanx:

Now, Huma doesn’t need a Spanx. I wouldn’t think. So they sent somebody over to Blakely’s table to get her and come back over to Huma and Hillary’s table, and the New York Post says that the event organizer was dispatched, Blakely came over and “the Spanx sensation was soon seen in deep conversation with Clinton. A discreet Blakely, 41, the world’s youngest female self-made billionaire after founding Spanx in 2000, didn’t tell us if Clinton admitted to wearing Spanx, but said, ‘She told me she read my story in the issue and liked it.

Now, the Blakely story is a great story. I think it is. Very American. She invents a product. People wanted to buy it. There were no government handouts or no slush funds. There were no subsidies. Hillary actually could learn a lot from Sara Blakely. I’ll tell you what I was just told. Even women who don’t need a girdle-like thing the Spanx is wear them anyway because of why? Okay. Okay. It’s more professional. It makes a woman look more professional because there’s no sexy jiggle. The Spanx keeps everything firm and taut and there’s no jiggle. Okay, well, I’ve just lost interest in it, then. Professional or not.

If what Dawn told us is right, that Spanx stops the jiggles and therefore you have a more professional, well, I’ll tell you what: It isn’t old El Rushbo that’s killing the women’s movement; it’s Spanx. It ain’t me.

Stay classy, asshole.

[via PoliticusUSA; Media Matters]