The San Francisco Democratic Party issued a resolution this week calling on President Barack Obama and his administration to end their crackdown on medical marijuana facilities.

The resolution, signed by 21 members of the party's Central Committee (DCCC), calls on Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag to "cease all Federal actions in San Francisco immediately, respect State and local laws, and stop the closure of City-permitted medical cannabis facilities."

The Obama administration has been very active in raiding medical marijuana facilities in San Francisco, with five places forced to close due to the federal government's crackdown. The owners of those facilities were threaten with federal criminal prosecution and asset forfeiture despite being certified.

"The U. S. Attorneys in California are not targeting individuals and organizations that are operating outside of the law, but instead are aggressively persecuting a peaceful and regulated community, wasting Federal resources in using a series of threatening tactics to shut down regulated access to medical cannabis across the state of California," the resolution says.

In an interview released earlier this week in Rolling Stone magazine, Obama claimed that "there haven't been any prosecutions" of medical marijuana patients, but that hasn't impressed Americans for Safe Access Executive Director Steph Sherer.

"With a highly contentious bid for the White House, Obama should think twice about being out of step with his party and the 80 percent of Americans who support safe and legal access to medical marijuana," she said.