In a send-up of Mitt Romney's presidential aspirations, Saturday Night Live mocked the Republican frontrunner by displaying parody clips of a campaign tour in which "he claimed to be interested in things we know he is not interested in."

Speaking before the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the fake Romney proclaims, "There is one issue on which I will never compromise ... because it's the core of who I am: cat-spaying. It's simply the right thing to do -- and, quite frankly, the reason I got into this race. I want to be known as the cat-neutering president."

In Oklahoma, he tells the Kiamichi Country Sportsman's Association, "Unfortunately, with our schedules, Ann and I don't get to nearly as many cockfights as we'd like. But let me tell you, cockfighting has brought us more sheer enjoyment in our marriage than anything we have ever experienced. And that's why, frankly, I want to be the cockfighting president."

But he is perhaps least convincing in a speech before the National Roleplaying Game Association Convention, where he appears with cape and lightsaber to insist woodenly, "I can't remember a time when Dungeons and Dragons wasn't an important part of my life."

Video from NBC via Mediaite, uploaded April 7, 2012.