Rupert Murdoch, head of the embattled media conglomerate NewsCorp was back before Parliament this week.  His previous testimony revolved around his many newspapers' proclivity for hacking into the voice mail accounts of various celebrities, the families of British troops killed in action, and most memorably, the cell phone of a murdered 13-year-od girl.

Throughout his first round of Parliamentary appearances, the media mogul portrayed himself as a man in strict control of every detail of his companies’ operations…except anything illegal.  His current testimony focuses on allegations that the media mogul has had entirely too influential a role in determining broadcast law due to his uncomfortably close relationships with Britain’s Prime Ministers.

On Thursday night's edition of "The Daily Show," host Jon Stewart poked fun at the fact that Murdoch claims to have nothing like an improper amount of influence over current U.K. PM David Cameron.  When asked by Parliament whether Cameron had been flown out to the resort island of Santorini for a "meeting" on Murdoch's luxury yacht, the publisher recalled that Cameron had flown on his son-in-law's private jet, and that they had only come face-to-face on that trip on Murdoch's daughter's yacht.
In our country, Stewart marvels, we're not allowed to give Congresspeople "hats and t-shirts" and yet, "Our country is corrupt as s**t!"
Watch the clip, embedded via Comedy Central, below: