It has been said with regard to candidates, Democrats fall in love, but Republicans fall in line, and on Thursday night's "The Daily Show," host Jon Stewart rolled the tape to show us this fascinating process in action.

First up was former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R), who in an interview on Fox News said that voters were unconvinced of Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA)'s conservative bona-fides, which was why, she alleged, that for much of the process we did not see Romney "get over that hump."

Then Stewart showed footage of pundits Charles Krauthammer and Dick Morris making much the same argument, that Romney is a "northeastern" Republican, not to their taste, too middle-of-the-road, etc., etc. Miraculously, however, upon his apparent victory as the nominee, all of his moderate Republican transgressions have been forgiven and the same conservative pundits are suddenly thrilled that Mitt is their man.

Watch the clip, embedded in two parts via Comedy Central, below:

Part One:

Part Two: