Several weeks ago, a cartoon strip by New York magazine cartoonist Brian McFadden offered helpful tips for former Massachusetts governor and presumptive Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney (R) on how to be a more successful candidate. It offered such sage advice as "Snap a rubber band around your wrist whenever you feel the urge to say something that would be funny only at the country club" and "snag some youthful voters by taking your rendition of "America the Beautiful" on to "The Voice."

One frame depicted Romney seated next to "Actors Studio" host James Lipton with the caption, "Take acting lessons to learn how to appear more relatable."

Now Lipton himself has responded, "Initially amused by this unsolicited enlistment, I’ve found myself returning spontaneously and with increasing frequency to the task, sometimes starting awake in the middle of the night with acting advice for the candidate."

In the clip embedded below, entitled "How to Act Human," the renowned acting coach and commentator offered the candidate his best advice on appearing less wooden and more lifelike.

"Let's start with your laugh," he said, "It isn't working. It's inert." In the essay published along with the video, Lipton wrote, "It resembles the flat “Ha! Ha! Ha!” that appears in comic-strip dialogue balloons. But worse – far worse – it is mirthless. Mr. Romney expects us to be amused, although he himself is not amused."

Lipton moved on to Romney's painful attempts to portray himself as a simple, common man and urged him to "stick with the typecasting" and go with what he knows.  Being yourself, he said, "isn't the best option, but I think it's your only option."

Watch the video, embedded via New York Magazine, below: