Comedian Bill Maher on Tuesday night described his reaction to President Barack Obama's recent endorsement of same sex marriage, and used the event to lampoon Obama's opponent Mitt Romney.

"I think it is ridiculous that it took that long," Maher commented on TBS' Conan. "You know, Mitt Romney is going around the country pretending that marriage is this secret concept that only applies when you ejaculate in a vagina."

He said he was confused by a recent Newsweek cover that declared Obama was the "first gay president."

"I don't know what that means," Maher said. "It comes from what Toni Morrison said years ago, that Clinton was the first black president. But she said he was the first black president because she said so many things about him were similar to the black experience."

"What about Obama is gay? I don't understand why this translates. What does he do that is gay?"

Maher then turned his attention to Romney, blasted his "rectum-derived" claim that marriage between a man and a woman was the cornerstone of civilization.

"Of all the people to be making this claim, that marriage is between one man and one woman -- a Mormon?" he continued. "Between one man -- except for my grandfather, who went to Mexico specifically to get away from a country that said you have to have a marriage between one man and one woman."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube on May 16, below: