Former cable news anchor Campbell Brown launched an attack on President Barack Obama in Sunday's edition of The New York Times, calling the executive chief "condescending" towards women.

Brown, who is the wife of Mitt Romney top advisor Dan Senor, criticized Obama for his commencement address earlier this month at Columbia University's women college Barnard College. The one time CNN and NBC personality felt that the president was "fake," "paternalistic," and having a "grating" attitude towards women. She also accused Obama of not focusing on the economy as the real problem for American women.

"The struggling women in my life all laughed when I asked them if contraception or abortion rights would be a major factor in their decision about this election," she said. "For them, and for most other women, the economy overwhelms everything else."

Brown, who portrays herself as a independent journalist, did not mention in her opinion piece about Romney's tepid response to the Lilly Ledbetter Act nor his various attacks on women's access to abortion.