Today, lead scientist of The Nature Conservancy and CBS contributor M. Sanjayan made an impassioned call to action with regards to climate change, reports Think Progress.

The scientist said that whether or not you believe the science of climate change is valid is, at this point, "almost immaterial." Every state in the United States reported a warmer than average winter this year and are expecting a hotter than average summer.

If you were born after 1985, said Sanjayan, you've never experienced normal weather. Since then, we've been living on "a planet with a fever." Soon, there will be real impact on the food supply and on our way of life. In 2011, after years of crippling drought, more than a million head of cattle were moved out of Texas to more northern states like Montana.

"These cows won't be back," said Sanjayan. He said that whether insurance companies acknowledge it openly, they all have committees examining and shaping strategic options to cope with climate change. State Farm, he said, won't insure homes and families in Florida because of threats posed by hurricanes and rising sea levels.

"Look, when my insurance agent worries about something bad happening," he said, "it's probably time for me to be worried as well."

Climate change is not an issue regarding our future, he said, it's happening now. "This is our society's sink or swim moment."

Watch the clip, which aired Sunday, May 20, and is embedded via CBS, below: