Two parent chaperones have been accused of spraying Lysol on students during a Colorado high school prom because teen's "dirty dancing" looked like "they were advertising butt sex."

A police report obtained by The Smoking Gun on Tuesday indicates that Jennifer Farmer and Hannah Rockey were charged with "harassment" because they directed obscene language at students attending Manitou Springs High School last month.

According to one of the seven victimized students, the women told female students that they were "advertising butt sex" and called them "sluts and whores."

"Ms. Farmer and Ms. Rocky [sic] advised that some of the kids were becoming disruptive and were being explicit while dancing," the police report says. "Ms. Farmer advised that when the kids were being inappropriate she had ways to deter the behavior. She would use Lysol spray, flashlight or another unknown object to shy students way [sic] from certain styles of dancing."

"They are dancing like they are having sex with their clothes on," which made the girls look "trashy, dirty and whorish," the women reportedly told police.

Manitou Springs police department's Lt. Jim Hopkins told Denver's 7News that only one student wished to press charges, but all eight teens verified that the incident took place. The students said that Lysol got on their clothes and in their eyes and mouths, forcing some to leave the prom.

Hopkins said his department decided to charge the women with harassment instead of assault.

"None of the children or kids complained about anything like that," he said. "It just -- it got in their throat, they claimed and stuff like this. But there was no physical damage done."

While Rockey's insisted to 7News that "there was no Lysol," the school's director of athletics told police that "they did admit to spraying the cleaning product."

Watch this video from 7News, broadcast May 12, 2012.