I have a post up over at The Grio about the Cory Booker/Meet the Press shenanigans:

Cory Booker's appearance on Meet the Press sparked a firestorm on Sunday, the effects of which are still reverberating throughout the political sphere. In the interview, Booker criticized President Obama's attacks on Mitt Romney's private equity/job creation record at Bain Capital, calling the attacks "nauseating" and likening them to a pro-Romney Super PAC's attempt to re-litigate the Jeremiah Wright issue.

Booker's comments were, without question, a mistake. Romney has placed his tenure at Bain Capital at the center of his own campaign. President Obama, on the other hand, addressed the Jeremiah Wright issue four years ago with a historic address on race, cut ties with Jeremiah Wright, and has had no contact with him since. In short, Jeremiah Wright is entirely irrelevant to this election. Bain Capital is not. Accordingly, Booker's attempt to draw a false equivalency between Wright and Bain was wildly off the mark.

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[via The Grio]