A fisherman in Boca Grande, Florida was lucky Sunday afternoon to have another fisherman return his prosthetic arm after it was snapped off while holding his fishing rod.

According to local channel CBS12, Jack Wiseman described his extremely peculiar experience and how fortunate he was to have his arm rescued.

"I have a special prosthetic that's got difference devices I can hook onto it," Wiseman said. "And all of a sudden the hand snapped off the prosthetic device, still hooked to the rod, and the rod and the reel and the hand went down into the water. Somebody else hooked that same fish and our rod with my hand was still attached to the rod and they brought it back to us. So that's my fishing story."

One man told CBS12 about the rest of the fishermen's colorful reaction to Wiseman's arm popping off.

"For us it was funny, and that was the biggest thing," he chuckled. "We said. 'You're gonna be a legend, you're the only guy that lost an arm out here yesterday.'"

WATCH: Video from CBS 12, which was broadcast on May 28, 2012.