Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera once again offered some critical opinions of Trayvon Martin's attire on the night of his death Friday, labeling the late teenager's attire as "thugwear."

Appearing on The O'Reilly Factor, Rivera dismissed the focus on new evidence released by special prosecutor Angela Corey that revealed Martin containing marijuana in his system before being shot and killed by George Zimmerman. The former talk show host instead wanted to examine the video released from the 7-Eleven store that showed the well documented story of Martin buying a bag of Skittles and ice tea.

"I think what is far more significant is what Trayvon Martin looked liked that night Bill," Rivera said. "Aside from the fact that he was dressed in that thugwear, look at the size of him. He's not a little kid, he's 6'2, he's a strapping youngster. You can see that if this man, this young man was a stranger to George Zimmerman. He looks just like the people who have been burglarizing and victimizing that neighborhood for the last six months. He was exactly the person that George Zimmerman, the property owner, feared. He looked just like the others."

Rivera's strong comments even made O'Reilly question his guest's sentiments.

"But your racially profiling now, your profiling?" he asked.

"Profiling is based on a reasonable comparison," Rivera replied. "It maybe profiling Bill, but if he looks just like everyone else that committed the crimes in my neighborhood, that's the person I'm going to focus my suspicion on."

This is just the latest case in which Rivera has condemned Martin's attire. Rivera tepidly apologized in March for saying that Martin's hoodie was the reason he was killed and that he dressed like a "wannabe gangster." Rivera's penitence on that occasion was inspired by his son, who said he was ashamed of his father's comments.

WATCH: Video from Fox News, which was broadcast from May 18, 2012.