Friday night on "Real Time with Bill Maher," host Bill Maher devoted a section of his weekly "New Rules" segment to Liberty Universty, saying, "New Rule: You can't expect me to believe anything Mitt Romney said last week at Liberty University because a) he's a liar, and b) Liberty University isn't really a university."

He characterized presumptive Republican nominee former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA)'s speech to the graduating class as "a guy in magic gym shorts talking to virgin Baptists.  Clown, meet college."

Liberty University, which was founded by televangelist Jerry Falwell, teaches creationism, argues that the Bible is the actual true and literal word of God and doesn't tolerate any drinking or kissing between students on or off campus.  According to Maher, every diploma from the Bible college should come with a giant asterisk with an accompanying statement that the graduate believes "superstitious nonsense" and that employers are hiring "at their own risk."

Later in the segment, Maher riffed on conservatives' assertion that same sex marriage somehow cheapens and undermines all traditional marriages.  Given that Liberty University students don't study real science, learn natural history, or believe anything that contradicts the Bible, he said, a diploma from Liberty University "cheapens my degree from a real school.”

Watch the video, embedded via Mediaite, below: