A Wisconsin man was charged on Friday afternoon for threats he made in February and March, in which he claimed that he was going to shoot Democrats and blow up the party's state headquarters in Madison.

In more than 100 calls allegedly placed by William O. Diedrich to the Wisconsin Democratic Party headquarters, he threatened that his attack would make the devestation at the Oklahoma City Federal Building in 1995 look "like a firecracker compared to what's gonna happen to you people," according to The Wisconsin State Journal.

In another message allegedly left by Diedrich, he sang a song about how "Bama" should be murdered. In yet another, he warned that Democrats "better be wearing bulletproof vests."

The calls were placed using a mobile device on the Tracfone prepaid service, so police had to recruit the help of AT&T in order to track down the man's identity.

Wisconsin's political atmosphere is especially charged right now due to a recall election on June 5 that could see Gov. Scott Walker (R) thrown from office amid his first term.

Walker has said he's using a "divide and conquer" strategy to remove the rights of labor unions and make the state more friendly to lower-wage employers, which sparked massive protests against his administration and the ongoing recall effort.


Photo: Suzanne Tucker / Shutterstock.com.