An unidentified man set himself on fire Tuesday outside a courthouse in Oslo, Norway, where mass murderer Anders Breivik is on trial, leaving police insisting the bizarre self immolation was an act of a seriously disturbed individual and had nothing to do with Breivik.

In a shocking video published to Norwegian website VG Nett (translation), the man is seen walking toward a police barricade with flames licking his left shoulder and head, grunting and screaming savagely as he hops up and down waiving his arms. Police seem stunned by the man's sudden appearance, and literally take water bottles from onlookers to extinguish the flames.

An attorney who spoke to VG Nett claimed that the man had entered her office shortly before he set himself alight, speaking about some type of conspiracy and carrying pages of documents detailing his fears. She added that a strong smell seemed to be emanating from his person, likely kerosene or another flammable liquid, and that she had never seen him before.

He sustained severe injuries, but they are not life threatening. Doctors placed the man into an induced coma, so police were not able to question him. Officials said he is a Norwegian citizen, but had immigrated from somewhere else. They did not say where.

This video is from VG Nett, published Tuesday, May 15, 2012.