A North Carolina woman says that a teacher in Caldwell County put her disabled son in a cardboard box as punishment.

Joy Amatuccio provided WSOC-TV with a photo of the cardboard time-out box where her son, Jacob, was forced to spend part of his days. Jacob suffered a traumatically brain injury as a toddler and is partially paralyzed and mentally handicapped, causing him to have frequent outbursts at school.

"I was mortified," Amatuccio said. “I was absolutely mortified. I think I was in disbelief at first, like, ‘Why would they put him in a box?’ There must be another explanation for this.”

“It's dignity. That's his dignity,” she added. “These are all his peers. People can walk by and see, there's a child in the box. ‘Look at the disabled boy in a box.’”

The Caldwell County School System said the teacher had been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

“This is not in adherence to school board policy or procedure in Caldwell County Schools," school spokeswoman Libby Brown insisted.

Watch this video from WSOC-TV, broadcast May 17, 2012.

(h/t: New York Daily News)