Ballston, New York District Attorney James A. Murphy lll said that 48-year-old Barbara LeFleur's decision to doff her clothes and run errands in the buff on Wednesday may have been a form of "free expression," but it was a little too free for the law. Police have arrested the woman and charged her with lewd conduct, according to newspaper, The Saratogan.

On Wednesday, LeFleur, a Saratoga Springs resident, walked into the Curtis Lumber store on Route 67 in Ballston, New York, and proceded to engage sales personnel in normal conversation. Murphy told the Saratogan that the incident was captured on store surveillance video.

After leaving the lumber store, LeFleur entered a nearby Stewart's Shops store, where a manager asked if she was all right and if she knew that she was naked. The woman left Stuart's and was apprehended by deputies shortly thereafter.

She underwent a mental health evaluation and was released. She returns to Ballston next month for trial.

Watch video about this story, which aired Thursday, May 16 on Saratoga Springs's Channel 10 News: