In her time championing all things Republican, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R) has traveled all over the country, popping up in the most surprising places. She's even been spotted in Topeka, Kansas recently, bending ears in the state via a pre-recorded telephone message, asking for their support in... a Texas Senate race.

That's according to Topeka Capital-Journal reporter Tim Carpenter, who actually received one of Palin's recent calls for Texan Ted Cruz (R). Cruz is one of the leading candidates to replace Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchision (R-TX), who's retiring in November.

"Hello, Texas!" Palin announces in a robocall heard in Kansas this week. "I'm Sarah Palin."

"Ted Cruz is a true conservative you can trust to stand on principle and change the way Washington does business," she continues. "Today, through May 25, please vote early for Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate."

Cruz, a tea party candidate, is currently in a pitched battle with establishment Republican Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. Both men are facing a likely runoff election following the state's May 29 Republican primary, and that could spell trouble for Dewhurst.

Finally in the home stretch, Cruz is doing all he can to position himself to the right of one of the state's most powerful Republicans, and it appears he's finally pulling out the big guns. With Palin involved, Cruz seems to be betting there's mama grizzlies somewhere in his home state willing to break with party orthodoxy.

And who knows? If Cruz's campaign can get the right area codes nailed down, it might even work.


Photo: Flickr user sskennel.