A proposed highly fuel-efficient personal private plane called the Synergy is generating buzz and attracting investors in the aviation industry, according to Bloomberg TV. Investors hope to raise enough capital to build a prototype of the Synergy, which is designed to carry up to five passengers with a fuel efficiency of 40 miles per gallon, making it more economical than driving and ten times more efficient than a similarly sized jet plane.

The plane uses a DeltaHawk bio-diesel engine and competed in NASA's 2011 Green Flight Challenge. Its double box tail design reduces drag and allows the plane to operate almost like a glider.

The Synergy team have constructed a 1/4-sized model of the aircraft that has performed promisingly in tests. The group is raising funds through the popular fund-raising website Kicksktarter through June 4.

Watch video about the Synergy, embedded via Bloomberg TV, below: