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Stewart: Now straight people can have the same lack of rights same sex couples never had



President Barack Obama made history on Wednesday when he endorsed same sex marriage in an interview with ABC News. On Tuesday night, “The Daily Show” had a good laugh about the president’s “evolving” marriage stance, then on Wednesday night had a good laugh at themselves for jumping the gun on the president’s announcement.


“Daily Show” host Jon Stewart welcomed the audience’s enthusiastic response to the marriage equality news and called it “a symbolic victory that can in no way be dampened by the codifying of bigotry in…let’s say…the state where the Democrats are going to be holding their convention.”

Stewart was referring to North Carolina’s Amendment One, the latest state measure outlawing not just same sex marriage, but also domestic partnerships or any conferring of spousal benefits to anyone other than married heterosexual men and women. As some have noted, this creates a certain amount of “collateral damage” in that straight couples who seek civil unions or domestic partnerships will be denied as well.

“But you know,” said Stewart, “That is a step towards equality, since many opposite-sex couples will now enjoy the same lack of rights same-sex couples have always never had.”

Watch the clip, embedded via Comedy Central, below:

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WATCH: Video shows how Trump makes his caddie hang on to the back of the golf cart



Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and economic catastrophe, the leader of the free world spent the weekend golfing at his private, for-profit golf course in Virginia.

For the second day in a row, Donald Trump's presidential motorcade traveled to Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia.

"Today marks the president’s 86th day trip to Sterling," reported HuffPost correspondent S.V. Dáte, who was the White House pool reporter for print covering the day's events.

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Trump ripped as a ‘traitor’ by veterans for his mask photo-op at Walter Reed Hospital



The veteran advocacy organization Vote Vets on Sunday blasted President Donald Trump for holding a photo-op at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

After a round of golf on Saturday, Trump traveled to the hospital to be photographed by the press pool wearing a mask, which was a first since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vote Vets, which says it has raised over $120 million since being founded in 2006 and made over 50 million voter contacts, released a new video on Trump's visit.

The ad says it shows "what wounded warriors see when Trump comes for a photo-op."

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Fox News host battles Trump spokeswoman who suggests Roger Stone got ‘medical commutation’ for COVID



Jenna Ellis, an attorney and spokesperson for Donald Trump, suggested that Roger Stone had received a "medical commutation" from the president because he was at risk for COVID-19.

While interviewing Ellis on Sunday, Fox News host Gillian Turner asked Ellis if Trump gave "serious thought" to his decision to commute Stone's sentence.

"Obviously, I'm not going to get into the internal deliberations," Ellis insisted. "But I think the timing does speak for itself, where this was just days before Roger Stone was supposed to report to federal prison."

"This was a political target that was designed to target President Trump's allies," she continued. "That was just absolutely absurd."

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