In this clip from Tuesday night's episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," actor Gary Oldman appeared in a public service announcement about an important topic of our time, athletes and their mistaken belief that in addition to their prowess on the soccer field, baseball diamond or basketball court, they will be equally successful as actors.

Kimmel said in the introduction to the clip, "If we've learned one thing from Shaq, it's that when an NBA player act, it doesn't usually turn out well."

Oldman appeared dribbling a basketball in a gym and introduced himself, explaining that we might know him from the movies "Dracula," "Air Force One" and "Kung Fu Panda 2."

"Just as a professional basketball player spends hours on the court, mastering every aspect of his game," he said, "I, Gary Oldman, studied acting for many years to perfect my craft."

The actor then launched into a shouting, swear-laden tirade, saying that just as he would never join a professional basketball team, he would appreciate it if athletes would "stay the f**k" out of acting.

Anyone who has seen "Space Jam" will understand why this is a matter of earth-shaking importance.

Watch the clip, embedded via YouTube, below: