A man protested the Kentuckiana Pride Festival Parade on Friday in hopes of saving "the white race."

In a video uploaded to YouTube, John King of savewhitepeople.com explained that homosexuality was wrong because it prevented people of European descent from procreating.

"I'm here to stand up on behalf of the white race who needs white children, and also everybody in this world who is normal," he said. "Homosexuality is a perversion that must be stopped because it is effectually a form of birth control on our race."

King stood on the street with a sign that read: "Take your sodomy to another galaxy." The other side of the sign read: "Tyler Clemente did the world a favor! Honor in death. He will never bugger my 8 year old son!" Clemente, an 18-year-old Rutgers University student, committed suicide after his roommate secretly recorded him kissing another man and uploaded the video to the Internet.

In April, King protested a vigil held at the University of Southern Indiana for Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. He claimed Martin was "just a ghetto hoodlum" and that most white-on-black hate crimes were "staged events."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube on June 17, below:

[H/T: Truth Wins Out]