The director of issues of the anti-LGBT rights group American Family Association (AFA) is warning that allowing homosexuality would mean that "you can't stop" until "sex with animals" was also accepted.

On his Wednesday radio program, Bryan Fischer dug up an a 3-year-old report about a Florida man who claimed he was attracted to dogs and horses.

"He is not someone who came out of the closet as someone who practices homosexuality or even transgenderism or even pedophilia, he is someone who came out of the closet as someone who practices bestiality," Fischer explained. "He's gone past homosexuality, past bisexuality all the way to bestiality."

"That's how he classifies himself. This is just a minority sexual orientation just like homosexuality, just like lesbianism," he coninuted. "And they intend to follow the same path as the gay rights movement."

Fischer went on to explain that if sex was not limited to "one man, one woman" then "there is no place to stop."

"So we've already seen then that this issue of orientation, once you break the threshold, once you allow sex between two people of the same sex, there is no place to stop," he insisted. "You can't stop just with homosexuality, you can't stop with polygamy, you can't even stop with pedophilia."

"You wind up going all the way to sex with animals. It's coming!"

Watch this video from the American Family Association, broadcast July 27, 2012.

(h/t: Right Wing Watch)