An 18-year-old Philadelphia boy is not expected to live after he accidentally shot himself in the head because someone questioned his "manhood" during an online video chat.

East Detectives Capt. John Gallagher said that the teen was engaged in a webcam chat on either Skype or ooVoo when the person he was talking to challenged his masculinity, according to The Philadelphia Daily News.

"His manhood or his ego was challenged and he said something along the lines of ‘I'll show you,'" Gallagher explained. "He thought he was clowning around, trying to shock the other party on the Internet site."

At some point, the boy put his 22-year-old brother's gun to his head and, thinking it was unloaded, pulled the trigger.

Two of the victim's brothers -- including a 13-year-old -- were sleeping in the same room of the Kensington house at the time.

Police are investigating to confirm that the gun was purchased legally, but they did not expect any charges to be filed.

Doctors at Temple University Hospital were waiting for a neurologist to declare the boy officially brain-dead.

Watch this video from WPVI, broadcast June 6, 2012.


(h/t: Gawker)