Luka Rocco Magnotta, would-be porn star and accused murderer, may have mailed body parts to two schools in Vancouver, British Columbia, according to the Vancouver Sun.  A hand and foot were mailed to Vancouver's St. George junior school and False Creek elementary school.  Experts are currently trying to determine whether the body parts belong to the same murder victim, Chinese student Jun Lin, whose amputated hand and foot were apparently sent by Magnotta to the offices of Canada's Liberal and Conservative Party headquarters.

Magnotta, the so-called "Canadian Psycho," was arrested Monday at an Internet café in Berlin.  The accused killer was an actor in low-budget pornographic movies who, in a quest for worldwide fame, allegedly filmed himself murdering Jun on the night of May 25 to 26, slashing his throat and stabbing him repeatedly with an icepick.  The two men were purportedly lovers.

If accusations are correct, Magnotta then shipped the other man's dismembered parts to the places he believed they would generate the most media attention, the headquarters of Canada's two largest political parties.  The Vancouver schools received the packages Tuesday afternoon, said the Sun, "The fact that the body parts in both cases were mailed through Canada Post and that the body parts arrived in Vancouver a week after they turned up in Ottawa fits with Canada Post’s timeline."

While he may have worked at some point for an adult film company located in Vancouver, there are no known connections between Magnotta and the two schools.  Authorities are not ruling out the possibility of a copycat killer.

Jim Van Allen, president of the Canadian threat assessment firm the Behavioural Science Solutions Group, said, "It’s just so unique. It was a hand and foot sent to two different places in Ottawa, hand and foot sent here. It could be a match."

Why Magnotta may have chosen these two schools in unclear.  Irwin Cohen, director of the school of criminology at the University of the Fraser Valley, said, "It could be a connection that only exists in the offender’s mind and you don’t find out until you catch him. It really does depend on the motivation for the offence and the person’s mental health."

Magnotta has announced that he will not fight extradition from Germany back to Canada.

(image via AFP)