On Wednesday night's edition of "The Colbert Report," host Stephen Colbert discussed the election results in Wisconsin's recall election. Gov. Scott Walker (R) won the vote and was able to keep his seat, beating that other guy whose name Colbert can't remember by a whopping seven points, prompting Colbert to exclaim, "Suck it, people who educate our children!"

As the media has taken great pains to remind us over the last week, the results in Wisconsin aren't just about Wisconsin. Colbert and other conservative pundits have taken this as a sign of how things will go in the presidential election in November.

Colbert rolled tape of various media talking heads sounding off about the outsized importance of the recall election. In it, talk radio host Hugh Hewitt posited that this is like 1979 and that Scott Walker is Margaret Thatcher to Mitt Romney's Ronald Reagan. (Which, as Colbert points out, makes public school teachers analogous to Britain's striking coal miners' union and President Obama into...Billy Elliot.)

But the real story here, said Colbert, is the end of American labor unions. They went all-in on the Walker recall and lost, effectively clearing the way for a right-to-work nation.

The host cheered and emblazoned "WE DID IT" across the bottom of the screen, and yet, when he asked where his "balloon-drop" was, he was informed that the union members on the staff weren't cooperating.

"But you lost," Colbert said to the camera, "Let's be professional about it. It's my show, drop something."

At which point, with an unceremonious thud, a dead fish landed on his desk.

Watch the clip, embedded via Comedy Central, below: