Monday night on "The Colbert Report," host Stephen Colbert took on Friday's Rose Garden fracas, in which President Barack Obama was giving a formal presentation regarding his executive decision to change the immigration policy as it relates to the children of immigrants, and got heckled by a staff member from Tucker Carlson's internet news project, The Daily Caller.

Colbert confessed that the incident -- which he called a case of "POTUS interruptus" -- was actually very different from media reports. See, he said, he is actually a member of the White House Press Corps Reserves, which means that one weekend a month, he serves his country by acting as a member of the White House team of reporters.

On Friday, when the president said that his immigration reform proposal was the right thing to do, Colbert confessed that he was unable to stop himself. He rolled a clip of the Rose Garden ceremony, showing himself standing next to Neil Munro, dressed identically, demanding to know why the president was using Wilford Brimley's oatmeal catch phrase to sell immigration policy.

"'It's the right thing to do,' that's Wilford Brimley's catch phrase," he shouted, "Why are you stealing from Wilfred Brimley?"

When the president protested the interruption, Colbert held up a large, blue bowl, "You want some oatmeal?" he asked, "It's the right thing to do! Let's argue about it!"

The good news about the dust-up, however, is that according to Colbert, the bowl of oatmeal will be getting its own show on Fox News.

Watch the clip, which aired Monday, June 18, and is embedded via Comedy Central, below: