How bad is the super PAC imbalance between pro-Obama and pro-Romney? Pretty bad, if you're an Obama supporter.

Meet Obama for America Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter (really!) as she hilariously and depressingly rolls out in a new video by comedian Andy Cobb how fucked the campaign is when it comes to fundraising.

"You've got me and a green screen against a firehouse of Citizens United money from the richest bastards in the world," she said.

She whipped out out a flask as an off-camera producer said, "No! Stephanie! No, no, no!"

"The super PAC for Obama brought in $1.58 million, which pays for jack shit," she said as she continued to drink. "Hey! Let's look at a graph!"

A graph comparing the $10.57 million the pro-Obama PAC Priorities USA Action raised with the $50-plus million that the pro-Romney Restore Our Future PAC has collected popped up on the screen. Sportscaster-style scrawling simply wrote "We're doomed" on top of more scribbles on the graf.

"Whoop-de-do!" Cutter exclaimed as she chugged from a jumbo-sized bottle of Skyy Vodka. "You want to go up against the Koch brothers with a MILF and a TelePrompTer? Screw you people!"

She then called the pro-Obama billionaires like George Soros and Warren Buffett ("He even named a rule after you!") "cheap bastards" and challenged them to donate matching funds to the pro-Obama super PACs or face "whatever our Twitter intern comes up with."

So surely the money will start flowing right in.

Editor's note: Just to be super clear, this video is a satire.

Watch the video, uploaded to YouTube on June 22 by comedian Andy Cobb.