Fred Karger, an openly gay Republican, appeared on the radio program of Bryan Fischer on Thursday, where he told the conservative radio host that it was offensive that the Republican Party had such an exclusive platform.

"Fred, the Republican Party platform is officially pro-family," Fisher said. "It supports a federal marriage amendment, marriage as a union of one man and one woman, there's an official statement in there, we believe children need to be raised by a mom and a dad. What is your reaction to those parts of the Republican Party platform?"

Karger said he would throw out much of the current GOP platform, and replace it with a shorter version that "welcomes people."

"I think that is an offense to so many people," he continued. "Like President Reagan, who had a tremendous amount of openly gay and lesbian staff members."

Karger disputed a study that Fisher claimed was evidence gay and lesbians parents caused difficulties for their children. Karger said that families with two mothers or two fathers could be just as healthy as any other family.

"We need to embrace everyone who wants to raise kids," he said.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube on June 21, below: