Former Bachmann and Santorum campaign press secretary Alice Stewart conceded Monday morning that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had a less than sterling job creation record during his time as Massachusetts governor.

In an segment on MSNBC Live, Stewart initially claimed the fact of Massachusetts ranking 47th out of 50th in job creation during Romney's one term tenure was dubious information filtered out from the current White House staff.

"That’s a misleading number you’re putting out there that was put out by the Obama campaign,” Stewart said.

The Republican figure's comments sparked host Thomas Roberts to aggressively question Stewart's inaccurate statement.

"How's that a misleading number when it's the actual fact of where the states ranked when Governor Romney left office?" he asked. "How is that misleading?"

"It's misleading facts put up by a desperate campaign," Stewart replied.

"Was it 47th or not?" Roberts shot back. "Was it 47th or not? Was it 47th or not? Was it 47th or not?"

“He took it from 50th to 47th," Stewart conceded, which is also untrue since Romney inherited office while Massachusetts ranked 36th in nation job creation.

Stewart is the second Republican figure in recent days to claim that the Obama administration has pushed a "misleading figure" with Romney's job creation records in Massachusetts. Romney senior advisor and former George W.Bush consultant Ed Gillespie gave a similar incorrect statement to Chris Wallace during this past week's edition of Fox News Sunday.

Gillespie said Wallace was wrong to cite Romney's overall job creation number and mentioned that Massachusetts was 30th in job creation in Romney's final year in office instead of the overall four year total.

WATCH: Video from MSNBC, which was broadcats on June 4, 2012.