Leave it to Fox News host Sean Hannity Friday evening to continue his network's labeling of comments made last year by Teamsters union President Jimmy Hoffa Jr. to encourage union employees to vote in Wisconsin as union thuggery.

Hoffa's comments were edited by Fox News widely throughout last year as promoting violent action against Governor Scott Walker (R) and tea party folks when he said "let's take these son of a bitches," when in reality he was encouraging them to express their voices at the ballots. Hannity brought the subject up again due to the current election season.

"Let's take these SOBs out, take them out, war, is that type of rhetoric that you think we ought to be having when there's honest disagreement about how to get $3.6 billion budget deficit in balance?" an angry Hannity asked guest Tamara Holder. "It's a war? Trying to take people out? It's a war? Those SOBs out? You support that?"

WATCH: Video from Fox News, which was broadcast on June 8, 2012.