A man in Jersuaslem was arrested Monday afternoon after he allgedly spat at two women, claiming he objected to the inappropriate clothing they wore.

According to Y-NetNews.com, 22-year-old Chananya Rabinovitz assaulted two women in the last month and a half after he was charged with hurling his saliva in their direction. Rabinovitz's family has indicated that the incidents were blown out of proportion and that he is innocent.

"It is regretful that this entire story is happening while the matter of the exclusion of women (from the public sphere) is making front pages and police are taking advantage (of the story)," Rabinovitz's uncle said. "This is a pitiful neighborhood quarrel which, if it were any other case, the police would take no notice of."

"My son did not spit on the neighbor, she spat on him and constantly yells 'it's a shame the Nazis didn't kill you,'" Rabinovitz's mother said. "I filed a complaint against her. We live in a state of co-existence. That same neighbor wants revenge and is using the exclusion of women to get revenge. It's what goes today."

Rabinovitz has been ordered to remain in jail for the next three days.