Blogger and "" proprietor Michelle Malkin and Fox News political analyst Juan Williams engaged in a spirited bit of back-and-forth on Wednesday night's edition of Fox News's, "The Sean Hannity Show."

During a discussion of revelations about the cyber warfare program against Iran, Malkin accused Williams of being mired in the prosecution of the Bush administration's crimes.

"All you can do, Juan, is say 'Plame, Plame, Plame,'" she said in a mocking baby-talk voice, "'Blame, blame, blame, Bush, Bush, Bush.'"

Williams countered, "I tell you what, Michelle, I'm a real reporter, not a blogger out in the blogosphere somewhere."

Malkin can be heard guffawing as he finishes the statement, and from there, the discussion went off the rails into an eye-rolling, scowling, sulk-off between the two pundits. As Williams asserted that no confidential information had been given away in the discussion of the Obama administration's cyber-offensive against Iran, Malkin railed that Williams is no more a real reporter than she is, and reeled off a long string of anti-Eric Holder talking points.

Currently, the Attorney General is either obviously guilty of high crimes against his office and the nation and is going to be unseated any day or he's merely the latest liberal bogeyman to be singled out for an hysterical Fox News witch hunt, depending upon whom you ask. Republicans have called for his resignation in the wake of what they feel to be the criminal mishandling of "Fast and Furious," an operation intended to stop the flow of illegal guns across the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

Hannity gave Malkin the last word, which she used to further heap opprobrium at Williams's feet.

“The American people," -- which, in the highly codified language of Fox pundits, generally means "Me, myself and I," -- "are sick of the kind of snotty condescension from liberal elite journalists like Juan Williams who tell us that the rest of us are not doing our jobs, when the point is that when Eric Holder was shamefully approved and nominated and approved to be Attorney General."

Williams rolled his eyes to heaven and mouthed "Oh, my god," before informing the glowering Malkin that she was "way off topic."

Malkin replied, "So 'real journalists' are apologists for corrupt-ocracy?"

Williams threw up his hands and shook his head in frustration as the segment ended. No wonder he's been telling people that he misses working at NPR "big time."

Watch the clip, embedded via Mediaite, below: