A South Carolina mother's cheers were loud enough to result in her being handcuffed and arrested at her daughter's high school graduation by cops over the weekend.

According to WPDE-TV, Shannon Cooper was taken into custody minutes after she celebrated her daughter receiving her diploma.

"Are ya'll serious?" Cooper reacted in shock. "Are ya'll for real? I mean, that's what I'm thinking in my mind. I didn't say anything. I was just like 'Ok, I can't fight the law. I can't argue with the police, but I'm like are you serious?' I didn't do any more than the others did, which I feel like no one should have went to jail."

Cooper's daughter, Iesha, was not aware of her mother's arrest until friends told her after the ceremonies ended.

"They're locking your momma up for cheering - and I was like that isn't right because other people was cheering and they didn't lock them up," said Iesha Cooper.

"Humiliation, I don't even think humiliation could describe how I felt," Shannon Cooper said. "You know, because I feel from just my feelings and then looking at my daughter how she felt, I could take you know you know if I did something ,but like I said, yes they said you'll be escorted out no problem. I'll be escorted out. I'll go nicely because I'm gonna cheer. It was hard work. I went through so much to get her to this point you know."

Cooper was charged with disorderly conduct. She was booked at the detention center and was released from several hours of jail time after posting a $225 bond.

WATCH: Video from WPDE-tv, which was broadcast on June 4, 2012.