A 35-year-old woman in North Carolina has been charged with malicious castration and assault after she allegedly squeezed a man's testicle out of his scrotum on Saturday, according to The Star Online.

Joyce Maxine Gregory had been arguing with a 59-year-old acquaintance in his apartment. The man told police that he went onto his front porch to call 911, because Gregory was throwing items and trashing his house.

That is when Gregory allegedly came outside and grabbed him by his scrotum. In a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun, the victim said he was "able to jerk away from her grip but not before she had hurt him." While he tried to escape, Gregory allegedly pushed him down the front porch stairs, causing injuries to his face.

The man then walked to the Shelby Rescue Squad building and was taken to the Cleveland Regional Medical Center for treatment. A urologist said the injury to his scrotum could be stitched and no serious long-term damage had occurred, according to the police report.

When police arrived at the home where the altercation had occurred, they found and arrested Gregory. They also found blood on the porch and on the side of the apartment building, as well as on Gregory's pants and face. She did not appear to have any injuries.

The police noted that she appeared "highly intoxicated on some type of narcotic" and became agitated when they tried to talk to her. After taking her to the police station, the officers discovered that Gregory had removed her pants and urinated in the back seat of their patrol car.

[Crime scene image via Shutterstock]