Police detained 184 football fans after the Russia-Poland Euro 2012match sparked clashes which Poland's sports minister said Wednesday had left her feeling "ashamed".

Joanna Mucha described the violence which broke out ahead of Tuesday's match in Warsaw as "shocking".

"These were your average hooligans who have nothing in common with real fans," the sports minister told reporters.

Police said in a statement they had arrested 157 Poles and 24 Russians, as well as a Spaniard, a Hungarian and an Algerian in the violence which continued during and after the game.

Riot police used water cannon and fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse violent fans, some of whom attacked police.

Ten police officers were treated for injuries, as well as 10 fans.

Poland is co-hosting the Euro 2012 football championships with Ukraine, the first time the sports showcase is taking place in countries that were once behind the Iron Curtain.