Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) launched his latest stinging critique at Wall Street Tuesday morning, specifically at JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon ahead of his testimony to the Senate Banking Committee next week.

"They have learned nothing about the fact that, what financial institutions in this country should be investing in the productive economy," Sanders said. "Helping small businesses grow, creating real jobs, helping us produce real goods and services, rather than have us continue this insane gambling casino they have done for so many years."

"It's totally absurd that Jamie Dimon continues today as the CEO of the largest financial institution in America to set on the New York Fed. So here you have a theory of the Fed, among other things, is suppose to regulate a financial institution, suppose to have people there paid to protect the consumers in the country. And then you have the head of the largest bank, as one of the regulators, regulating himself. And if this is not a conflict of interest, you tell me what is."

WATCH: Video from Current TV, which was broadcast on June 5, 2012.