Fox News host Shep Smith on Thursday confused a panel of legal analysts when he turned a discussion about cycling legend Lance Armstrong's alleged doping into a rant about the HBO vampire drama True Blood.

"I wonder if he was taking 'V'?" Smith seriously asked judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano, referring to vampire blood, which can heal humans but also acts as a powerful addictive drug with stimulant and psychoactive properties."

"What do you mean 'V'?" Napolitano wondered.

"Well the sheriff took 'V,'" Smith noted. "Do you not watch True Blood? Because 'V,' you can get all amped up on 'V' and do all kinds of weird things. You should watch True Blood. It just began on Sunday again."

"OK, thank you, Shep," Napolitano nodded.

"Because it will make you crazy, the 'V,'" Smith continued.

"It will make me crazy," a befuddled Napolitano agreed. "Do they respect the Constitution on 'V' -- on True Blood?"

"I think they have their own set of rules," Smith pointed out. "Sookie is just as weird as ever. Do you watch? I've never seen Lance Armstrong on there but I'm guess in that he could probably beat the werewolves, certainly those other ones. What were those other wolves that were on there?"

"I apologize, Shep, but I'm asleep by the time [it airs]," defense lawyer Arthur Aidala explained.

"You have a DVR? You should record the True Blood," Smith advised. "Or we'll give you the true death."

The True Blood discussion takes place at about 4:50 in the following video from Fox News' Studio B, broadcast June 14, 2012.

(h/t: The Huffington Post)