Democratic strategist Bob Shrum pushed back against the notion that negative campaigning can be detrimental to a candidate Sunday morning, encouraging President Barack Obama to make as many ads about Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Shrum highlighted the successes that various presidents throughout the years, from Franklin Roosevelt to Obama himself, have received from running ads on their opponents' record or comments.

"There is nothing wrong with the president holding Mitt Romney to his account for his record from private business and his record as a public official," Shrum said. "Harry Truman did the same thing. Ronald Reagan in 1980, one of the most optimistic politicians in America, ran a pretty tough negative advertising campaign, against Jimmy Carter."

Shrum added: "If you did what the governor (Romney) is suggesting, and maybe he's not, and you just let this be a referendum, I don't think the president could win."

WATCH: Video from CBS, which was broadcast on June 3, 2012. (Highlighted portion from 4:14 to 5:26)