Wednesday night on "The Daily Show," host Jon Stewart roundly mocked Fox News's sudden squeamishness about spy drones flying over the Midwest. The government says that the drones have been used for years to determine whether or not farmers are following the law with regards to disposal of livestock waste and other land management issues, but Fox's Megyn Kelly sees something deeper and more frightening about the plan.

Kelly and Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney discussed what they see as a frightening development, the deployment of drones on U.S. soil.

"These are the same drones we use to track down al-Quaeda terrorists, flying over Nebraska and Iowa," said Kelly.

"Those aren't the same drones," said Stewart, "Unless the EPA has Hellfire missiles on their drones. It's not the same thing."

But, given the conservative network's fear of domestic drones, Stewart said that perhaps the government should strive to put a less frightening face on people's conception of drones. This could be accomplished by enlisting the aid of Dutch artist Bart Jansons, who made headlines around the world this week, by turning turning his taxidermied dead cat into a remote-controlled toy helicopter.

Watch the clip, which aired June 6, and is embedded via Comedy Central, below: