Uganda will ban 38 nongovernmental organisations for spreading homosexuality, the minister for ethics and integrity said on Wednesday.

"I have investigated and established beyond reasonable doubt that these NGOs have been involved in the promotion and recruitment in terms of the [gay] issues," Minister Simon Lokodo told AFP.

Lokodo did not specify which organisations would be de-registered but said that the list included international and Ugandan groups.

"We will tell them to stop operating and they will not have the legal right to practice here," Lokodo said.

Lokodo said he submitted the names of the organisations to the internal affairs ministry and hoped they would be de-listed in the near future.

"The sooner we can do this the better," Lokodo said.

A controversial bill that would see a number of homosexual acts punished by the death penalty has been before the Ugandan parliament since 2009.

The proposed legislation would see "serial" offenders put to death but the lawmaker behind the bill has said he is willing to drop the death penalty clause following widespread international condemnation.

The proposal also envisions stripping organisations that are found guilty of the "promotion" of homosexuality of their registration.

Homosexuality is already illegal in the country and can be punished by lengthy jail terms.