The 7-Eleven convenience store chain is now featuring a Slurpee-type machine that dispenses mashed potatoes and gravy.

The Huffington Post on Monday confirmed that the Maggi mashed potato vending machines were beginning to show up in stores in the U.S.

For a dollar, you can get a generous helping of mashed potatoes. And then you can wash it down with a Big Gulp for only a dollar more.

The process is simple: Place the cup under the nozzle, press the "Mashed Potatoes" button and wait for your potatoes to be dispensed. Next, press the optional "Chicken Gravy" and wait two seconds for your gravy.

"But who needs the mashed potato part?" Gizomodo wondered. "If 7-11 wanted a real hit on their hands, they'd just let customers add chicken gravy to any foodstuffs in the store."

The machine also features a "BBQ Mashed Potatoes" button, whatever that is.

YouTube videos show that Slurpee machines have been delivering mashed potatoes at 7-Elevens in Singapore since at least 2009.

(h/t: Buzzfeed)