A Houston television station is reporting that officials believe the 23 victims in a devastating auto accident in south Texas were undocumented Mexican immigrants.

According to KTRK-TV, the crash ocurred Sunday night near the town of Goliad, when the pickup truck carrying all 23 people veered off the road and hit two trees.

Fourteen people have been confirmed dead. Another nine are recovering at various hospitals.

"In my 38 years as an officer this is one of the worst fatalities I have been to," said state trooper Gerald Bryant. "I have never seen where we had that many in a vehicle."

Officials said they discovered the truck was registered in Houston, but was not being driven by the owner at the time of the accident. Seven of the victims were sitting inside, while the rest were thought to be in the truck bed, which was uncovered. Bryant said those factors, plus a lack of identification on the victims, has led authorities to think they were undocumented.

Watch the report from KTRK-TV, aired July 23, below: