Extreme heat buckled a highway in Wisconsin over the weekend causing a car to fly through the air in a scene that looked more like a Hollywood movie stunt.

The accident, which happened on Highway 29 near Eau Claire, was captured on video by Theresa Reich as she was trying to film the buckled road.

"From the overpass we could see the big divots, but we'd stopped to take a picture of it because we'd seen a bunch of cars going over slowly, and scraping the underside of their cars," Reich told WQOW.

In the video, an SUV can be seen approaching the buckled highway at a high rate of speed and then sailing through the air for about four car lengths before hitting the pavement and skidding across a lane of oncoming traffic into a field.

"By the time I had exited picture mode... people were already walking out and dialing [911]," Reich recalled. "We were pretty amazed that none of the oncoming traffic hit them too. Everyone seemed like they made it out ok... they were walking out of their car."

CNN said on Tuesday that no injuries had been reported and the road had been repaired.

Watch this video from Teresa Reich, uploaded July 1, 2012.

Watch this video from CNN, broadcast July 3, 2012.

(h/t: The Blaze)