A Detroit woman who was celebrating her 25th birthday was accidentally shot at party over the weekend when she hugged an off-duty police officer, causing his firearm to discharge.

Authorities said that a bullet pierced Adaisha Miller's heart and lung after she hugged an officer from behind while she was dancing. She later died in a local hospital.

"For this to happen to her, whether they want to call it freak accident or mistake in judgment, it should have never happened to my child and there's nothing I can do to get her back," Miller's mother, Yolanda McNair, told WDIV-TV.

"All she wanted to do was enjoy the weekend for her birthday. She had every right to enjoy turning 25 and look beyond that."

The officer, whose name has not been released, has been assigned to administrative duties while the case is being investigated. The findings in the report will be turned over to the Wayne County Prosecutor's office.

Watch this video from WDIV-TV, broadcast July 8, 2012.