Daisy, a dog belonging to Tammy Johnson and her daughter Jennifer, somehow got herself caught in an unusual and dangerous location this week: on a small cliff ledge 200 feet about the bottom of a gravel mine pit in Gresham, Oregon. Daisy was missing for several days before she was noticed, but was reunited with her owners late on July 3, 2012.

The owner of the mine, Knife River Corporation, was forced to seek permission from federal regulators to even allow Gresham firefighters to attempt the rescue.

Bob Chamberlain, a member of the Gresham fire department's Technical Rescue Team, was lowered into the pit with a harness and a T-shirt belonging to the Johnson family -- a recommendation of the local Humane Society. "As soon as she sniffed that, she was right up against me," said Chamberlain.

Watch video of the dramatic rescue, first broadcast by KOIN 6, below.